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Organisational change with the Public-sector

The client need:
This District Council is developing a ‘customer contact centre and wants to provide a more efficient customer service to the public. The Senior Leadership team used this project as the focus of applying the learning.

What we did:
Our training helps participants understand the key issues behind gaining the acceptance of change within their employees. This 2 day programme focused on the ‘people’ issues and the leadership attributes required to get employees ‘on-board’ with the plan for change.

The results:
The Senior Leadership team walked away with a clear vision of what the benefits of the contact center would bring to the public and a clear communication strategy of how to ensure employees are on-board. We helped the team devise action plans that could be delivered within 30-90 days, resulting in helping the project move forward and the acceptance of change become a reality.

Some quote from the workshop were:
“Well driven, forced us through sticky moments.”
“Helped create more of a team spirit.”
“I will definitely use the tools you gave us, in other projects that I am involved in.”

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Organisational change with the Public-sector


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