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Innovation through teams

The client need:
This e-business team works in the professional services sector. At set-up, its brief was to “be creative” in how it challenged current organisational thinking, and deliver new and existing business service through its e-business channel. 9 months later, they were struggling to deliver tangible improvements to the business, and frustration levels were rising, both from internal clients and within the team.

What we did:
We designed and delivered 2 x workshops to help the team focus on generating their new products, services and processes. The workshop used two proven measures of innovative health; one assessing individual problem-solving styles (KAI); the other viewing the team's climate for creativity (SOQ). The results and implications were shared with the team, which was then able to diagnose and prioritise areas for most promising action.

The results:
The team realised they were full of people with radical ideas, but short on willingness to implement pragmatic process and structure. They established a set of clear team success criteria in place. They also generated a mechanism for prioritising and selecting the most promising e-business projects. Crucially, innovation is now a shared and deliberately-managed process that is applied to the key business challenges.

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